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Methodology - In the Real World of Selling

Methodology - In the Real World of Selling While words such as, the best sales training program in the world, could be utilized, this doesn't really cover the true motive or methodology of this cognitive and application learning. A student will either read, listen or view educational sales materials and then watch an actual video of salespeople with customers to see how the subject matter may be applied in the real world of selling.


Real World Results

The report below is created by live dealership reports on how many additional units per year this program is producing in their stores. Moving past the traditional sales training program, we quantify through the dealerships we support how many additional units they feel this program is producing - units in which this program was used to bring that particular sale to a close.

Marine Additional Units/Year per Salesperson:   19  
Marine Additional Parts & Accessories Dollars/Year per Salesperson:   $136,860  

Powersports Additional Units/Year per Salesperson:   28  
Powersports Additional Parts & Accessories Dollars/Year per Salesperson:   $21,888  


Who Can Benefit ?

Who Can BenefitThis program takes any staff member in contact with a customer from a sold, basic understanding to a highly advanced level. Watch this short video to learn about topics covered, or review this PDF file for partial program contents.




How Much Time Is Involved?

How Much Time Is Involved?The difference between sales training and sales education is the repetition. Sales training programs are generally quite short. Sales education is the repetition of a concept repeated over a period of time. Each learning module can be completed in less than 7 minutes/day (or 30 minutes/week).

The program syllabus will also allow excited students to read ahead in the program as well as view the actual sales situational videos in advance. Currently, this sales educational program will provide up to 4 years of continuous support, with each module traveling deeper into the understand of sales.





Can you give me a brief overview of how this program works?

Can you give me a brief overview of how this program works?Enrollment in this program may occur either by clicking the "Add to Cart" button below or through a sponsoring manufacturer. There are no registration (or withdrawal) fees to participate in the program! There is a single monthly tuition for each store location of $249. However, if all students enrolled graduate that month's learning module, they earn an "In Bonus" award of $25 and the tuition is thereby reduced to $224, for that store location.




Enrollments and student activity reports

50 enrollments per store locationAdditionally, this type of enrollment permits up to 50 enrollments per store location (over 50 there is an additional $5 tuition per student), and covers all administrative support, such as ongoing enrollments, withdrawals, and online support. As a new item, a live, on line student activity report is readily available to monitor all student activity.




How does one enroll in this program?

How does one enroll in this program?To enroll in this program, click the "Add to Cart" button. Once you complete the enrollment request, a representative will then contact you to ensure this program will support your specific needs prior to the enrollment commencing. Or, you may contact us at 386-449-8049 for additional information.

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