About: Glenn Roller

Glenn Roller

Glenn Roller began his selling career by setting what would be arguably the worst sales records ever in selling. To be more specific his company held special sales events each year at a large expo hall. These events were to the sales staff what the Olympics would be to an athlete. They tested one's sales ability to the highest degree. While people did walk into these events willingly the process of engaging them into the sales process could be challenging and rewarding. During Glenn's first 4 years in sales, attending more than 8 large expo events he set the lowest performing sales records ever by selling a total of zero units.

After four years of frustration and discouragement he finally broke down and asked for help. When he asked what he could do to sell more like the rest of the team the owner of the company told him he needed to learn to be more deceitful – that he was too honest. So, Glenn decided it was time to quit selling as a career. Soon after quitting he became consumed with understanding if sales really required manipulation or lying to be successful. He began studying every book he could find on the sales process including specialized areas from body language and personality types to negotiating.

After 8 months of solid studying he emerged with a new understanding of selling. Soon after he went on to set national sales records at the same events in which he had zero success previously. Glenn is quick to comment that his purpose is to help others set their own success records, to help others realize that selling does not have to be based in manipulation and deceit.

Understanding the Sales Process
As Glenn continued to study the sales process he discovered a side of sales he had not read about previously – the "self" side. On the self side he had a friend tell him, "You have problems and need therapy." This path led him into several areas of specialized support. These included 12 Step Recovery Groups, men's group private therapy, weekend couples workshops, couples counseling and private therapy. All told he has attended more than 1,000 meetings and listened to more than 16,000 stories of individuals searching for happiness/success, like him. From this background, he realized an understanding of self was the missing half, the completion of understanding the sales process.

When he stepped back onto the sales floor after realizing he had been using his understanding of the sales process to manipulate others, he discovered that manipulation in the sales process wasn't a bad thing; it was simply creating more hesitation on the part of the customer. He also discovered that while he was thinking about how to manipulate the sale to the next step, he was missing what the customer was saying. He was missing the opportunity to understand the customer because he was too busy thinking about what to say or do next. By seeking to understand rather than to manipulate, he discovered a whole new dimension to approaching the sales process.

In his latest book, The Seven Evolutionary Levels to Profound Selling he reveals how every salesperson grows along seven distinct levels of understanding. As an individual in the sales process grows along these levels in understanding of the sales process, this process becomes easier and requires less effort to bring a sale to closure. Yet the sales process is more than just understanding sales, it is also about understanding one's self. At Level Four, an individual in the sales process begins to understand that the fear of being rejected, not performing well, not being liked or not being good enough are fears having more to do with one's self, rather than what a customer may be saying.

A Sales Education
From this understanding of sales and self, he formed The Glenn Roller Institute. He has dedicated his life and now the institution to individuals desiring excellence in the profession of selling. The Glenn Roller Institute and all its products, packages and programs were created so that any individual seeking the highest levels of excellence would have access to a full and comprehensive understanding of being a sales professional to an enlightened state of understanding. It is Glenn's hope that no individual in the profession of sales would ever experience the disappointment of four years of effort at 8 shows resulting in zero sales.