Programs: Leadership Support

- A Profound Understanding Of Workplace Harmony

Customized Leadership Support - In 4 Stages

Stage 1 - Understanding

Understanding what is important to you. This is accomplished by answering 34 questions that take approximately one minute for each question.


Stage 2 - Exploration

Explore your results. By understanding challenges specific to you and your company’s culture, a customized support plan is developed for you.


Stage 3 - One-On-One Support

You will receive live weekly/bi-weekly video conferencing support tailored for you and your workplace environment. Discussions will center around the biggest challenges/frustrations you are facing. Additionally, there is a hardcover textbook, Who’s In Whose Way?, and an online platform that compliments your support as well as quantifies your successes.


Stage 4 - Perpetuity

The ultimate goal is to empower you, the leader, to in turn, empower your team members, who, in turn, empower other team members in a perpetual cycle of empowerment that permeates throughout your company. This lessens the burden upon leadership to continually teach and reteach team members.


Summary - Exhaustion Relief

Perhaps the most exhaustive energy involved in leadership is the repetitive factor. This involves the pattern of repetitive reminders attempting to engage team members to be as productive as possible. A key component in this leadership support is the shifting of this pattern into one of team members being self-empowered – no longer requiring the ongoing reminders so often associated with leadership exhaustion.

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