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1. You walk up to greet your customer who you have never met previously on a showroom floor,


2. After greeting your customer they say that they would like to see a specific model/brand that you have in stock.



3. As you begin your presentation of the product (or service) that the customer appears to most want to own



4. To begin your presentation with your customer you



5. Ten to twelve minutes into your presentation the customer says to you, "Your price seems pretty high" to which you respond by saying,



6. You have completed your presentation and your customer places their foot upon your product and says, "What else do you have?" Next you,



7. Ten minutes after you have begun your presentation the customer says, "How much do you think the monthly payments would be for this model?" To which you respond by,


8. You are about to demonstrate your product to a customer. (A demonstration is your product in action doing its intended activity).



9. After a complete and wonderful presentation you ask the customer, "So what do you think about purchasing this product?" To which the customer says, "We were going to wait a few months but if we got a good deal we would buy it sooner." You have already given your very best price so next you,


10. You have presented your product very well. You are seated and have asked for the sale when the customer says, "I would like to think this over and call you next week." To which you respond by,




11. A customer is calling in about your product and asks, "Do you have a model X and how much does that model sell for?"


12. A customer on the phone gets direct and says, "Just give me your best price. If it's good enough I'll come by and buy it. So, what is your best price?"



13. Choose the statement below that you like best.


14. Choose the statement below that you like best.



15. Which of the following statements do you find to be most true?

You're all done!